May 27, 2018


Our extensive and high-quality content attracts users who conduct research, coordinate purchases and research. Online advertising gives you the opportunity to capitalize on that traffic and increase the frequency of messaging. By integrating Web advertising into your marketing or lead-generation campaign, you extend your brand exposure to a highly targeted audience.



Ad Types and Positions

Petroleum Industry Review (PIR) offers several ad formats and numerous targeted page locations. Consult our team for online opportunities and specific audience counts and targeting.

Top Banner Ad

Dimensions: W960 x H 180pixel

This placement is available as a shared space on the PIR. Up to five advertisers rotate in sequence displaying each banner ad to 100% of the viewing traffic (20% per advertiser if all 5 allocations are active). Advertisers also have the option of buying exclusivity giving them a guaranteed 100% viewing throughout the entire site. Enhanced prominence is especially ideal for events and other time-sensitive advertising.

Side Box Ad

Dimensions: W300 x H300pixel

Want a large, prominent ad but also want it to appear to 100% of all home-page visitors? A side box ad is the perfect option. Side ads randomly change position with each visit (or page refresh) but are always visible to every viewer of the page.

Side Tower Ad

Dimensions: W160 x H540pixel

Reach visitor with our tower adverts. This ad is located at the right of every story in order to give you complete site exposure.

For costs and custom options, please contact us via email:

Download: PIR Website advertising pack_April2015

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