May 27, 2018

Houston Oilfield Expo


Deal-Making on a Global Scale

Whether you’re interested in attending or exhibiting, Texas Classic Productions’ Oilfield Expo Series brings buyers and sellers together in an industry-exclusive atmosphere, focused on deal-making and trade.

The Houston Oilfield Expo provides an industry-exclusive, business-oriented environment where oil and gas professionals from across the region can meet and do business. We take your investment seriously; our public attendance policy ensures all attendees are industry-based, relevant prospects. This protects the investments of our participants and ensures the quality of the event.

The Houston Oilfield Expo isn’t a conference or public event. It is a buyer’s marketplace that helps oilfield professionals generate sales leads, create long-lasting, successful business relationships and make their best deals.

Accomplish More for Your Business With One Investment:

  • Network with professionals from every facet of the oil and gas industry
  • Keep up-to-date on the latest industry developments
  • Develop leads, meet prospects, and make sales
  • Make deals and lower your costs
  • Market your products and services and increase brand awareness
  • Launch and demo new products and services



Opening the show exclusively to oil and gas professionals who are currently employed within the industry gives exhibitors and sponsors access to thousands of pre-qualified leads who are actively engaged in the buying process. Not only are our attendees in the frame of mind to buy, they’re also in the position to make or influence purchasing decisions.



You’ll find exhibitors who are prepared to earn your business. Whether you’re looking for the best price on tried-and-true products and services or the latest technology, Houston Oilfield Expo exhibitors supply solutions designed to cut costs, increase profits and streamline operations.

Conduct product research and compare suppliers on your own schedule. This deal-making atmosphere translates into access to technical experts and product information necessary to making educated purchasing decisions. You can get in and get more business done in two days than in months of product research and online price comparisons.

Each contact gained through networking at the industry-exclusive shows in the Houston Oilfield Expo represents a legitimate industry resource for your business.

Need to gain employer support to attend? Click here for more information and a sample proposal available for download.

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