May 27, 2018

Energy Security


Nigeria’s abundant reserves of oil and natural gas give it an important role in the global energy matrix.  What happens in Nigeria matters to the world at large.  Because of the world’s increasing reliance on energy for development, Nigeria therefore has a key part to play in global economic and security discussions. This section looks at Nigeria in a global context and the potential that growth in the country’s oil and gas production has for promoting economic stability around the world.  The country’s strategic shift towards greater use (and less wastage) of natural gas will both boost its own economy…

Investment Opportunities


New investment is vital to the exciting development of the oil and gas industry that all Nigerians want to see.  The Federal Government can do some of this by investing taxpayers’ money in far-sighted modernisation and expansion projects.  But much more depends on attracting investment from private companies at home and abroad.  So creating an “enabling environment” for new investment – transparent, trustworthy arrangements in a stable political and security framework – is a key priority for the government. The range of projects is wide – from the production and transportation of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the construction of…

Leveraging Gas For Development

Gas Infrastructure Blueprint map

Creating gas-based industries Nigeria’s Gas Revolution will enable the country to use its enormous wealth of natural resources to develop gas-based industries and bring real rewards to Nigerians and foreign partners at all levels. Domestic gas initiatives Nigeria has historically made little domestic use of its gas and oil resources, concentrating instead on exports. Even today, only around 12 per cent of Nigeria’s gas is utilised domestically. Nigeria currently has 8 GW of generating capacity, but only 3–4 GW is in operation. But domestic gas use is a huge part of President Goodluck Jonathan’s plans for the country, which involve…